How To Get Online Reviews for your Insurance Agency.

In this post, I want to share our proven review acquisition system for getting online reviews from your customers on a consistent basis. In our experience working with AC repair and HVAC contractors in very competitive markets, we have found that quantity of legitimate reviews makes a difference, especially when you have a large amount – not just on Google Places but on other sources as well, such as the Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, etc.

Ask and You Shall Receive.

It’s important that your business have a strategy where you’re consistently asking for reviews. Here are some of our favorites.
  • Create and print out review request cards. Make sure that each of your guys have a stack with them that they pass them out after service. A simple card that reads “We appreciate your business! If you enjoyed your experience with us, go here.” You can either direct them right to the Google Places page, or, if you want to get a little more strategic, direct them back to, and have a place that links out to all of your online directory sites (Yelp, Kudzu, Insider Pages, CitySearch and Google Places). That way, they are given the option to write multiple reviews. Or, maybe they are a big advocate of Kudzu and they want to write the review there. Make it easy for them to write a review wherever they want, and consistently ask for them.
  • The other thing you want to do is to start sending emails to your customers after service. Collect email addresses while on-site and after service, send your customer a message that thanks them for their business and reads “If you had a good experience, we would love to get your feedback. Write us a review.” Again, linking directly to the Google Places page or a place on your website where they can access all of your different review profiles.
  • Automate the review request process by setting up an automated drip email that goes out to customers, thanking them for their business and requesting a review.

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